Christmas Thoughts: Who is this Child?

“What Child is This?”

People have been asking this question since long before William Dix penned the words to the popular Christmas carol. Who was the child born 2000 years ago, whose birth we’ve celebrated ever since? A carpenter’s son? The offspring of Jewish peasants? A boy who would grow up to be a respected teacher in his small corner of the world, who would later get on the wrong side of the ruling authorities and be condemned to death? If that’s all He was—why would we still remember His birth? There have been billions of babies born and unfortunately, too many who grew up to die on Roman crosses. What was different about this baby? Why would our entire calendar and dating system be divided into “Before” and “After” his birth? Why would there by more books, songs, poems, stories, plays and essays written about Him than any other person in history? Why would The Book about his life still be the best-selling publication of all time?

Who Was this Child that He should so affect the entire world?According to the Bible, He has many names: King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Suffering Servant, Prince of Peace. He is Jesus, the Christ, the Son of the Living God—who Was, and who Is and who Is To Come—the Almighty One. He is the one who came to this earth to share our humanity, with its weaknesses and limitations, to experience hunger and cold, sorrow and pain, so that no one could ever again say that God didn’t know what it felt like to be human.

He is the perfect Lamb of God, who took the sin of the whole world upon Himself—and paid for it with His own blood.

No wonder the world can’t quite forget Him.

This year, if you haven’t already, find out who the Christ Child was—and who He grew up to be—and have a truly Merry Christmas!




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2 Responses to Christmas Thoughts: Who is this Child?

  1. Angel Collins says:

    Such a good reminder of what the season is truly about. Always marveled at His names. They are numerous and each reveals a bit more about who He is!

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