Happy New Year!


And so 2017 fades away. I had a good year; I know not everyone did and I’m sorry. Our land is fraught with division such as I’ve never seen and people are filled with fear and anger. I get it. I have grandchildren who will inherit this world and I want so much for them to have a bright future, but I know there’s no guarantee. I’ve read the history books, as well as the newspapers and (grimace!) social media. Still…I have hope. I have to. God has promised: To never leave or forsake me; to walk with me through the raging fires and deepest floods; to be with me to the end and when it’s time, to welcome me to that other side. I trust Him and I’m moving forward. Outside, the fireworks are whistling and blazing, the (fake) bombs [are] bursting in air(!) and 2017 winds to a close. Hello, 2018! I look forward to what you have for me and mine. Onward and upward, one and all–it’s (another) new beginning.


About raincountrywriter

Child of God, freelance writer, horse lover.
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