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“There is in God, some say…”

Tonight the moon rose, full and fat and orange. It lingered on the horizon long enough for me to put on shoes and trudge down the dark driveway, accompanied by my faithful, aging black Labrador and youthful orange cat. We … Continue reading

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What Your Reading Says About You

Recently, I listened to a CD on which a literary agent spoke about how writers discover their core story, the thing that fires their passion, the thing they care most about. The thing they want, somehow, to communicate to others. … Continue reading

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Wish I could find a good book to live in (and write!)

I am a writer. Most people who know me, know this about me. Shortly after being exposed to the glories of the printed word, I understood that someONE, some person, out there somewhere in the world, sat down with pen … Continue reading

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More on C.S. Lewis

Just a short one tonight on my tribute to C.S. Lewis. In my mid-twenties I came across a book called “A Severe Mercy,” written by a man named Sheldon Vanauken. I’d never heard of Mr. Vanauken, but his book caught … Continue reading

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Catching Up: It’s Been a Rough Summer

The sub-title of this blog¬† is “Thoughts on words and horses and life and how God permeates it all,” so, after a rather lengthy absence from the blog scene, I’ll give a quick update on where I’ve been and why. … Continue reading

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A Horse, a Rider, a Writer (and the Internet)

I enjoy Facebook–primarily because I’m a social type and FB is such a fun way to keep track of friends and family who are, literally, spread throughout the world.¬† But when I booted up my computer the other day and … Continue reading

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The “Call” to Write

Christian writers often talk about the ‘call’ to write but this is something I’ve struggled with for a long time. I’ve never heard any voices, never seen any handwriting on the wall…or anywhere else. I just know that, since I … Continue reading

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