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Good Friday?

GOOD Friday In many ways, it’s hard to think of what this day represents as GOOD. An innocent man was executed in a most torturous way while onlookers scoffed and gambled for his few earthly goods. So why do we, … Continue reading

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“He is no Fool”…Thoughts on the Death of Elisabeth Elliott

When I was a young teenager and had recently begun attending the little neighborhood church around the corner, the pastor’s wife loaned me a book to read. It was called “Through Gates of Splendor” and told the story of five … Continue reading

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“There is in God, some say…”

Tonight the moon rose, full and fat and orange. It lingered on the horizon long enough for me to put on shoes and trudge down the dark driveway, accompanied by my faithful, aging black Labrador and youthful orange cat. We … Continue reading

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Why Do YOU Believe?

For about three months now I’ve been posting about why I believe the claims of Christ and have attempted (albeit imperfectly) to follow His ways. A number of very intelligent people have responded to these posts–often with an opposing viewpoint–and … Continue reading

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Why I Believe…God’s people

People are not perfect. Christian people are no exception. Those of us who call ourselves “Christ-Followers” are still tempted to cheat on our taxes, to fail to correct the checker who gives us too much change, and to get divorces. … Continue reading

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Who Said Faith Was Easy?

People who don’t hold to Christianity seem to assume that we who do are mindless robots, just following something we were taught as children because we don’t know any better. That we never question anything, that we just sail along, … Continue reading

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Why I Believe

We’ve been talking about evolution and creation and nature and beauty, and I’ve expressed why I interpret what I see in this world as the fingerprints of God. Others have replied that they see the same things, and though they … Continue reading

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